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Bernzomatic Micro Torch Information

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Bernzomatic is a highly regarded manufacturer of handheld torches and other home improvement and industrial accessories. They produce a decent number of well constructed micro torches which are quite long-lasting, especially if you take good care of them. Of course, they have their share of products that are rather ho-hum in quality.

I recalled buying one of their slim-shaped butane torches a few years back. I thought it was a very poorly made product. Lighting the darn thing was tough! However, the thing wasn’t expensive or anything so I ended up giving the torch to my buddy Rick, who absolutely loves the bloody torch! He said it was “easy” to use and well, I really didn’t know what to say about that. To each their own I guess….

Should I Opt For Propane or Butane Powered Bernzomatic Torch?

I’ve heard this question a number of times before and here’s the answer…doesn’t matter! I mean we’re talking about micro torches here, so as long as you not using it for complex welding tasks or anything of that kind then go ahead and buy either one. Handheld torches are ideal for taking on small soldering assignments, for plumbing purposes, fusing metal for jewelry crafting and so on.

If you have a lot of welding to do, then you’re better off using a standard cutting/welding torch. Anyway, here’s a picture of a propane-powered Bernzomatic micro torch.


The name of the model is “TS4000 Trigger Start Touch”. Now, you might be asking, what the heck does “trigger start touch” means? Essentially, the feature enables you to light the torch in a quick and easy fashion. Some micro torches are hard to light up like the slim one I mentioned earlier.

There’s also a handheld torch with the extended light and safety lock rolled into one switch, thus making it hard for users to turn it on with one hand. You won’t face this kind of problem with the TS4000 Bernzomatic torch. In a nutshell, this model is very durable, lights fast and easy, effective, and requires either propane or MAAP (PethylAcetylene ProPadiene) gas to run.

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Bernzomatic Butane Micro Torch

If you prefer a butane type torch, then model 2880116 from Bernzomatic should serve you well. This torch can keep on burning for about 45 minutes or so with a handy adjustable flame that works extremely well. It also comes with a couple of add-ons: a hot blower attachment and solder tip for precise soldering work.


Like the TS4000, the 2880116 Bernzomatic micro torch is also very easy to light up thanks to its handy trigger start switch. This refillable butane torch cost less than 35 bucks if purchased via online. Check out the link right below for more info on it.

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