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I have several micro torches in my machine store and they are absolutely indispensable! Power outage occurs every now and again, so you’re going to need a good quality micro torch to complete your soldering tasks even when there’s no electricity. Apart from soldering, you can use it for joining pipes, melting glass for the purpose of creating some sort of handcraft glasswork, heating shrink tube for wiring purposes, fusing sterling silver and so on.

Basically, the micro torch is essential for professional metal workers, electronic technicians, jewelers, plumbers etc. Now, my business is doing pretty well, thankfully, and I managed to rope in a few guys to help me out. I’m no longer a one-man show like before, yay! However, the downside to this is…I got a little too much spare time on my hands, nay!

Anyway, I figured I should use my spare time to do something beneficial that has nothing to do with my daily mind-numbing, mundane technical work. Thus, I decided to make this site so I could share some info about various top-quality micro torches that are widely available on the market. The micro torch belongs in my personal top-5 favorite tools, so it deserves an online altar of its own!

Blazer Micro Torch

Blazer is a renowned company and has been producing a wide range of high quality micro torches for decades. The classic blazer micro torch in this image here uses a highly developed piezo electric ignition system.


This is a powerhouse butane micro torch capable of delivering 2500 degrees Fahrenheit flame.

Incredible power especially when you consider the fact that it only weighs a mere 2 pounds! Knobs on the device allow you to adjust air and gas flow thus giving you the ability to control the flame in an effective manner. One can of butane is included with every order.

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Bernzomatic Micro Torch

Bernzomatic is also a top manufacturer. They make a large variety of torch products including torch heads that come in many shapes and sizes, flame spreader, brazing rods, electric solder case and all kinds of micro torches as well. Here’s a decent one made by Bernzomatic and this particular model is known as TS4000 Trigger Start Touch. This one is not a butane micro torch however.


The TS4000 runs on either propane or MAAP gas but it’s just as effective as Blazer’s butane powered torch. The hot swirl frame it produces is perfect for soldering, melting jewelry metal, etc. I know a couple of plumbers who have this device at their disposal and they absolutely swear by it. The only gripe I have about this Bernzomatic micro torch is the lack of adjustable flame control.

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Roburn Micro Torch

Here’s a Roburn Micro Torch that only weighs about 9 or so ounces but boy, does it pack a punch! It can be used for culinary purposes such as making crème brulee, meringue pies, roasted pepper, for making ice sculptures etc. Of course conducting soldering task and small mechanical restoration is also possible with this handy piezo micro torch, but don’t expect to complete complex welding assignments with it.


Fact of the matter is butane micro torches are not powerful enough for welding jobs. A full-sized torch or at the very least, a micro welding torch is something you should really look into if you want a cost effective device that’s capable of melting weldable metals. The Roburn micro torch can burn for a period of between 45 to 60 minutes and can be refilled with the following Zippo premium butane.

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Micro Torch Lighter

Blazer also manufactures micro torch lighter and I have a picture of it here...

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What you’re seeing here is the very popular Blazer PB207 butane refillable micro torch lighter which is ideal for lighting cigars, pipes and even cigarettes too. Like Blazer’s classic micro butane torch, this durable and flexible lighter also uses a top-notch piezo ignition system. It’s very effective and at max fuel load, you can expect the burning time to last for approximately 20 minutes while producing max flame temperature of 2500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although the burning time is respectable for a torch lighter this small (weighing only 1.3 ounces), it’s not wind proof as the flame goes out rather easily even at the slightest breeze. I went on a camping trip with a few friends several months back and I brought this along with me. The camping location was quite windy so as you can imagine, the flame made by this micro torch lighter had a tough time staying on.

All in all, it’s still a quality product and I like the detachable hands-free stand that comes with the lighter. The stand enables me to keep the lighter on while having both of my hands free. Simply activate the PB207’s locking switch and attach it to the stand. As long as you’re not in a windy or breezy environment, the locking switch along with the stand will keep your lighter steady and running for 20 minutes or so on “auto-pilot”.

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MicroJet Torch

The MicroJet torch you see here has a patented safety lock.


It’s put in place to prevent children from goofing around with it and winding up burning the whole house down in the process! We shouldn’t be leaving this sort of device lying around the house where kids could easily pick up and play with it. But there are adults who would sometimes forget to store such device in a safe place so that’s where this safety lock comes in.

The drawback of the safety lock is that it makes it difficult for us to use the extended locking switch located on this MicroJet torch. The extended locking switch allows you to set the lighter on for a certain period of time or at least, until the flame goes out which should take about 20 minutes.

Problem is the switch on this micro torch functions as both extended locking and safety lock. So it’s a little tricky to use but with a little practice, you’ll get the hang of it. However, you’ll still need both hands to operate the torch. I think it’s a decent quality micro torch considering the price which is about 20 bucks or so.

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